Bectoria Stafford


Bectoria has a rich history of working in the performing arts both as a performer and as a script writer. She is an author and speaker, with a Doctoral degree in Ministry, a Master's degree in social work, and years of experience helping people in crisis both domestically and internationally. A children's rights activist, advocate for women's issues, and former foster parent of special needs children, Bectoria uses her collective skills as she continues to work with at-risk populations.



I use my professional experience in international and domestic social work to inform my writing. I am inspired by contemporary issues to write relevant pieces that help actors showcase their talents.







For a full list of plays, go to Bectoria’s New Play Exchange page.


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Bectoria Stafford

Child calling for younger brother reveals a comedic history between the siblings.

Bectoria Stafford

A tween, facing the realities of growing up, bargains with the tooth fairy.

Bectoria Stafford

A recovering addict gives thanks.