ASHES OF LIGHT Full Length Play

New York, New York


English edition of Marco Antonio Rodriguez' award-winning play (LA LUZ DE UN CIGARRILLO) about the struggles and aspirations of a Dominican family in New York City. 

Time: Contemporary

Situation: After a five-year self-imposed absence, Julio César, a young man with a buried secret, returns home after the death of his father. Over the course of two evenings, mother and son, two estranged generations of Dominicans living in a now gentrified upper west side, attempt to rekindle the love and appreciation for each other and their roots; but Julio César soon realizes he isn’t the only one with a secret. Unexpected revelations threaten to destroy an already thin bond between mother and child. 

Subject Matter: Family, Parents, Mothers, Wives, Fathers, Husbands, Children, Estrangement, Love, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Grief, Bitterness, Rage, Loss, Identity, Sexuality, Disconnection, Abandonment

Note from the Playwright:

Sexuality in the Latino community is still a topic that is unspoken and taboo.  The same goes for the psychology of those who have immigrated here from other countries and have seemingly created a life yet still struggle with assimilation and/or no longer feel a connection with their country of origin. These folks, like my own mother, remain in a sort of limbo. Neither here nor there. Rarely are these specific stories told on stage as experienced by a Dominican-American family.

Supplemental Information:

ASHES OF LIGHT is the English version of LA LUZ DE UN CIGARRILLO.

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