About Us

MonologueBank helps you find the perfect new monologue, so you can spend a week rehearsing instead of reading texts. Walk into the audition room inspired and prepared, and deliver something they've never seen before!

Our expertly curated vault of monologues comes from the best new work collectives, development centers, playwriting programs and talents in the world. Pay one low price per piece and use it in your auditions and studies as much as you like. Writers get 80% per download.

MonologueBank’s library is always growing! Let us know if you’d like to be notified when we add more pieces.

Why was MonologueBank created?

We live in an age when technology has made it easy to find and procure almost everything. So why is it still so hard to find the perfect audition monologue? The amount of work that Actors have to go through is needlessly arduous and frustrating. And some problems still persist:

  • Casting personnel are repeatedly hearing the same material (sometimes quite old), which does not help the Actor in the brief time they are given to show their ability.
  • There is an abundance of good writing that no one is accessing because there’s no easy way to find it.
  • Actors have to buy multiple full manuscripts when all they need is one monologue.
  • Even so, Playwrights have trouble finding adequate financial support for their work.


There has to be an easier and fairer way to connect an Actor in need of a good monologue with Writers who have more than enough to offer.

MonologueBank was founded in 2016 to do just that. It provides a way to affordably connect Actors with Writers, and in the process provides exposure to exciting new works that often go unnoticed.

Who is behind MonologueBank?

To create this service, Founder Rachel Greene drew upon her experiences as an Actor (15 years in the trenches), Casting Director (Dallas Theater Center and several Dallas/Ft. Worth area theaters), and New Play Nurturer (PlayLabs and New Plays on Campus Coordinator/International Cultural Liaison at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis). She is a Literary Associate for Houston's Landing Theatre Company, Member of LMDA, The Playwrights' Center and serves on the National Advisory Board for 50 Playwrights Project

With a rotating group of trusted advisors, recommenders and curators nationwide, MonologueBank is filling its shelves with material where ALL Actors can find what they need to deliver their best and stay inspired during the slow grind of auditions and training.